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Anti-Spatter Sprays Anti Corrosion Spray Penetrating Fenice Miscellenous Accessories

ANTIPERL 1000 P/B -400 ml can natural oil base / Propane+Butane (flammable)
ANTIPERL 1000 CO2 -400 ml can natural oil base / CO2 / non-flammable
ANTIPERL EMU NO.1 -400 ml can  vol. 650 ml emulsion-based / pressed air / non-flammable
ANTIPERR 2000 P/B .      . -400 ml can  mineral powder product / heat-resistant / degreasing
ANTIPERL 3000 .  -250 g  can  Anti Spatter Grease for special protection of welding-torches.
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ANTI-CORROSION-SPRAYS                              .
AUTRAVIT R 16 -400 ml can Synthetic wax for protection of parts for instance for oversea-
BLACK JACK -500 ml can Under-Body-Protection for cars and other vehicles.
BRUNOX-EPOXY -400 ml can Converts rust into a primer!
CHROMALUX`400 -400 ml can Liquid-Aluminum-Lacquer  for beautifying metal parts.
CHROMALUX - VA -400 ml can serves the same purpose but the product is Chrome-Nickel based
HEAVY`DUTY -400 ml can Liquid-Zinc-Primer for longterm protection against corrosion.
HEAVY`DUTY (ZA) -400 ml can Zink-Aluminium-Lacquer serves both: long-term-protection
and beautifying metal pieces.

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PENETRATING FLUIDS                                      .
EL`RAPIDO-L -400 ml can loosens rusted parts like screws, bolts, nuts etc.  special product
does not harm plastic or rubber parts! Propellant:
pressed air.
KARACHO`L 200 -400 ml can Standard-Product: -Oil-Derivative like WD 40 with MOS2

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MISCELLANIES                                        .
AMADEO  -250ml  cans
+ 10 l   pails
Special-Hand-Cleaner, high efficiency - top-quality !
AUTRAVIT LFS -400 ml can Leak-Find-Spray
AUTRAVIT SLC -400 ml can Silicone-Spray
AUTRAVIT SPC -500 ml can Special-Cleaner for greasy parts like engines, brakes,
electric-motors, carpets, etc. removes grease, tar, lacquers.
AUTRAVIT K 1000 -5 ltr. pales + 1 ltr. plastic can Cleaner-Concentrate can be diluted with water up to 1:1000  and also be used as Cutting and Drilling-Fluid
AUTRAVIT VA -400 ml can Special-Cleaner & Care for stainless steel

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DISPENSER -   0,7 ltr. plastic-can with normal spray-yet
DISPENSER -   0,7 ltr. plastic-can with HD spray-yet    (HD = HEAVY´DUTY)
HVG SG 700 -   0,7  ltr. Alu-can dispenses agents with pressed air
SPRAY-STAR -   0,7 ltr. plastic-can Accu-Sprayer for dispensing agents - charges at night sprays during day-time.

IMPORTANT:  Almost all our products you can get also in bulk:
                                                               5, 10, 30 liter container or 200 liter drums! 

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